Dec 13, 2008

Ask and ye shall recieve!

Something I said a few posts ago after noticing that hide helm and hide cloak are now visable to other players:

"Freak yeah! Now if sheath would work, and they'd finally add /sit and /walk I'd be nearly perfectly happy with the game. I really am that easy to please. "

I noticed late last night... night before, they're all jumbling together in my winterbreak screwy sleep schedule, that sheath NOW WORKS. If I put my swords on my hip, people around me actually see it. I was so delighted that I actually turned in wonder to my boyfriend beside me who had just noticed as well. He sheathed and unsheathed his sword and shield and then we both whooped with joy.

And while I'm on the subject, I can't be sure this was wholey my doing but I can't imagine anyone else being lame enough to /bug it so I'm just going to assume.

You know the little level 1 critters that run around? Hares, eagles, deer etc. There are little birds I noticed about a month ago, their name was "blue bird" but while they are indeed blue they're obvious not bluebirds, they're bluejays. There's a big difference in a bluebird and a bluejay.  

So I /bugged it and explained. My boyfriend laughed at me... until last night when we run past a properly named BLUE JAY and I stopped to laugh my arse off.


Anonymous said...

They better get their ornithology straight, those Mythic hooligans!

I've also noticed that sheath works now after taking a dip into a river and pressing X.

The 2H hammer sheathing sound is hypnotic.

Anonymous said...

Two kind of birds to me...Good with stuffing...Not good with stuffing.