Feb 25, 2009

The Unsung Details of 1.2

In the midst of a whole lotta upset witch elves, sorcerers and bright wizards, a full rework of the zone lock system and of course choppa/slayer there's a lot of little things that shine about 1.2 that haven't been mentioned much. 

Crafting - I've always bemoaned the crafting in this game. In fact, it's a long running joke amongst my guild to reply with a disbelieving "There's crafting in this game?!" whenever anyone on the forums mentions it. The recipeless system was great in concept I think. In concept I also always thought I'd have fun messing around with, testing out things. Like my theory that those wind touched vials (Aqshy-touched Vial etc) all enhanced different potions depending on the character of their specific wind of magic. In practice thought it was hella confusing and there were so many -things- to play with that I spent more trying to juggle bag and bank space than I did actually testing anything.

1.2 has streamlined it. I am usually anti "dumbing down" of crafting systems. (EQ2 ... I will never forgive you.) But Mythic seems to have done it right. Lyst is a 200 apothocary and 190ish cultivator so I copied her to the test server and played around with things. The first thing I noticed is that a huge chunk of my blue and purple cultivation items are now useless. They do convert into things so they're not totally wasted but I feel a bit cheated when I turn a purple 200 cultivating water I've been holding on to for months into a green 150 level water. 

As Thulf mentioned, you can not start with one seed and through a process of ctrl + right clicking turn the grown plant back into a seed. This means that seeds are no longer in the loot table for mobs which I am hugely happy about. So sick of passing on seeds.

Apothocary is set to see an influx and increase in number of additives, something that most apothocaries probably didn't get much of a chance to mess around with prior given their terrible drop rate but additives to increase number of potions, increase duration, make effects larger are more abundant now. There's also whole new potions, including one that gives 25% moral gain boost and ... a raise potions. Rejoice!

Map markers - Ahh, the minor detail that rocked my socks. From day one in WAR we've all had to contend with buggy map markers. Those little grey squares only ever showed your party rather than your warband, where hard to see and flat out didn't work sometimes. Party markers are now very easy to see little green jewels. They not only show your full warband but also dynamic and consistantly move. So detailed that Turnip could sit in the warcamp and know that his choppa boss Beetz is fighting a stuntie because Beetz little marker is spinning in a tiny circle. Being able to know exactly where everyone is and watch them move around is a huge boon.

Party and Warband window - All I can say is about darn time.

Able to see open parties in any zone from any zone, the ability to set yourself as LFG with specific tags (I showed off dungeon groups here, but there's tags for RvR, PQs, Quests) to create open parties with easily visable note about what you're doing. Also not pictured is a fully reworked party and warband management window. No more right clicking on portraits and hoping the command to change master looter works. 

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