Mar 19, 2009

Tradeskill Addons that Rock my Socks

I love crafting. I even loved crafting before 1.2 made it cool and everyone and their mother became a cultivator. It's not the most in deapth or fun crafting I've ever seen, but I really do love the recipe-less system and the experimentation that goes along with it. So, two crafting addons that I couldn't live without and you shouldn't have to either.

For quite a while I used a cultivation addon called PlantMe. It hasn't been updated in a while and 1.2 pretty much killed it on my PC at least so when I went looking for another one I was a bit scared. The default cultivation interface is clunky to say the least. It's impossible to do anything else while you babysit four little windows that need your constant attention and since the activty isn't particularly engaging or fun, it feels like work. Luckily I found this little gem which I actually like alot more than my old PlantMe.

Miracle Grow Remix takes the bloated cultivation interface and shrinks it down into a little black box, placeable anywhere on your screen. It takes up less screen space than character portrait. 

It gives you little boxes for seed, soil, water and nutriant and allows you to que up each thing before it's needed. PlantMe didn't allow for queing so it still needed to be clicked on whenever a stage of growth was completed. This system, coupled with the brilliant "Repeat Process" button that allows you a one click fill if you have the exact same materials in your bag make cultivation so quick and simple that I can now do it while RvRing. If you're a cultivator, you should have this.

I should give Czarnal at The Homunculus candy for pointing this out to me, seriously. Despite it's lack of spandy name this little baby may be the coolest addon I have, next to Tome Titan. It takes all of those hidden properties of crafting items and puts them in the tool tip. For example, did you know that cultivation soil increases your crital chance % while water increases your special moment chance %? Now you do.

This takes that recipe-less, experimentation thing that I raved about loving above and lays it all out on the table. I've yet to find a crafting material that didn't have new information on it's tooltip and it's really increased my productivity. I just have to wonder ... how does it know?


Anonymous said...

Heh, I was commenting last night to my girlfriend (known in some parts as Kipling of Bow and Stab) that the Miracle Grow Remix addon is so good it's overpowered. That's right, a crafting addon, OP.

I'll try out the Crafting Info Tooltip one tonight.

Inquisitor Goody said...

lol, I think we're all going a bit Ga ga over Miricle grow. It's a really useful little add on and it's easy to hide on my characters that don't have cultivation

Girlirl said...

Thanks for mentioning Crafting Info Tooltip. I meant to download it when I saw Czarnal's post, but forgot. After reading yours, I went straight to get it! What a great addon.

Ainilome said...

Glad to help :)

I think Crafting Info Tooltip suffers from a lack of flashy name. I probably skimmed over it half a dozen times on Curse because it's name was so vague I didn't stop to check on it.

I'd almost agree that Miracle Grow Remix is OP. It feels a bit like cheating, it makes it so much easier than the default UI. I actually had a friend who was totally confused by cultivation and thinking of respecting until I told him to download MCR.