Dec 22, 2009

Sentinel's Fate Screenshots

I don't know as much about Odus as I'd like, lore wise. It's somewhere that my lowbie high elf self never set foot in in EQ1 and until recently I haven't had any personal interest in Erudites in EQ2. I'm guessing though, that err ... this place didn't use to float?

EQ2 Wire has several more, all that display some really pretty 3.0 shader work. Archive of Ik, MMO-Info and also each have a few more exclusives. I'm impressed with the setting, it seems more varied than what I've seen of other expansion areas as my lowbie little level 42 self. I'm also intregied by the sky and the location of Luclin in it around the Sundered Frontier. People have commented that the sky looks weird in the screenshots and movies we've seen. My theory, given how huge Luclin looks here is that the Sundered Frontier is even higher above Norrath than the Kingdom of Sky zones. I'm seeing upper atmosphere in that sky.

I'm starting to get excited for Sentinel's Fate, even though I haven't even come close to smudging what's in the game already.

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