Oct 22, 2008

PQ Pass Rolls

This is a recipe for frustration:

Five people gather together to help a friend get their hands on a piece of equipment that comes from a blue colored bag. The group does a PQ four times before seeing that ellusive blue bag. Only one person of the group of five wants the bag, the other four are more than happy to pass it on to their friend. The dice rolls click by, the bonuses are added and lo and behold, the guy who wants it with his 1 in 5 chance of getting it doesn't. Friend number three does and takes the coin for the achievement before going back to more grinding.

After spending hours today helping my boyfriend do a rarely done PQ over and over on his alt with backup from my sorceress just to finally have a yellow bag drop and ME win the darn roll he had a suggestion that I thougth made a lot of sense.

Ability to pass on bags in public quests. I don't know how many people end up helping friends/guild mates do PQs for specific colored bags but I do fairly often.  Just the option to back out of the roll if you choose, no forced need vs greed or any such, just a way for organized groups to get the ellusive gear to the people who want it. That purple bag that would make our DoK a happy elf might contained a belt with massive willpow and initative (read: crap.) for the sorcerer. Colored bags are rare enough, adding the fickle dice to the matter when only one or two people are actually after the loot is just torture. 

Also useful for the times I'm out doing ToK unlocks and stop to help with a lower level PQ that lacks a tank or healer but could be swayed by the DPS of a nukeynuker. I'm happy to help, especially if it clearly wouldn't have happened without me, but I hate it when I accidentally take a bag that I don't even want from someone who could use it. I'd totally pass if I could. 

On the subject of suggestions, Risset at The Inevitable City had a great suggestion today about The Inevitable City: The feature I wish we had The ability to use the many voiced lines that your character spout when right clicked on command. Like voice emotes. I thought it was a great one and I'll add it in tonight along with my daily plee for them to fix my legs so that I can sit and walk. 


Anonymous said...

I was thinking about this the other day, They should have passable loot bags. Awesome blog, gonna enter it in my blog roll.

Ainilome said...

Thank you :D

Dimitris said...

Passing is needed for sure. There are many cases that this is necessary.
I can add the case of the keep takes. If a guild runs keep takes frequently, soon all the usual top contributors (dps/tanks) will get their set items. After that the rest of people should be able to get them without relying on a crazy 1000 roll. Me as a healer, often the only healer in a 12people warband, end up 10th in contribution in an uncontested keep take. How am I supped to get a golden lootbag if I don't roll 1000?