Oct 24, 2008

The Girls

Lyst is just about 24 now, I think about 15% short. I'm excited by my next level because I get a new moral ability that just seems evil,Scintillating Energy . Things have been going slow for her recently, both because quest xp seems to have dropped, Destruction sucks at Tor Anroc and because of the next girl you'll meet. All in all I still love Sorceress, and have fun playing her. Roleplay wise she's still pissed as hell at Itheleos for forcing her to disobey a direct order from her Matriarch that he didn't wish her to follow by cheap shotting her in the head with his staff. Hard to follow orders when crumbled in a heap on the floor of a tent I suppose. Jerk. 

This is Sevren. The class I originally wanted to play was Witch Elf but driven but how much I sucked at Rogue PvP in WoW and expecting Witch Elf to be just as direction focus as that class I left her sitting at level five for weeks. (Remember how Rogue PvP in WoW was mostly about spinning in circles as fast as you could trying to get to something's back? Yeah. I suck at controlling a character that fast/well) However, when I finally came up with a definite character and background for her I started leveling her along with my boyfriend's DoK and have fallen in love. I adore getting to kill things without blowing myself up in the process. Coupled with having a healer in my pocket most all the time the survivability both in RvR and PvE compared to our sorc/sorc duo is just incomparable. She's currently level 16 and very quickly moving along, at this rate she'll catch up to Lyst in a few days. Sevren has been the reason that Lyst hasn't gotten to 24 yet. It helps that my boyfriend is really loving his Disciple. It's so rare for him to play the healing class, I'm loving it as well :P
Roleplay wise she's ran into an old friend she grew up in the Temple with (The DoK) who she hasn't seen in a few decades. She's a lot like a few other characters I've played; trouble making, greedy, thieving, quick to anger, blood thirsty. She's a riot. And playing along with her DoK friend who was like a brother to her growing up but now has this fully grown, fully err... featured woman on his hands makes for all sorts of fun RP. Plus, well... look at her. She's cute as hell ^^b

Of course ... I had to catch Sevren blinking. I thought that only happened when you were taking a picture, not a screenshot -.-

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