Nov 29, 2008

I have arrived!

9 days, 23 hours of playtime and roughly one month of being activly played (that ratio is SCARY):

Dun dun duuuuuuuuhn!

I have finally arrived. My second max level character in a game ever. (The first was FFXI. That's right folks, I only got to 59 in vanilla WoW before my boyfriend finally let me quit and I do not regret it) Just in time for my subscription to run out and my broke arse to be unable to pay it for a week or so ; ; And just in time to start it all over again with DoK when my BF rolls his blackgaurd. I don't really mind, I'm hella excited by their characters and storyline and look forward to playing them. But 958,000 xp from 39-40 was scary as crap and I don't feel like doing it again anytime soon. 

PS: Why are my screenshot always so jaggedy when I have no AA issues in game? Weird.