Nov 25, 2008

RvR weenies.

Yesterday's Heavy Metal task was to kill 15 people in open RvR. This is of course, an awesome idea. I enjoy open RvR, there's just some key elements to it that keep my lazy butt from doing it very often (1: Lag 2: Lag 3: Travel time). But when I logged on in Eaitain I was happy to see an open warband of about twelve people which my boyfriend and I promptly joined and took off for Dragonwake.  

 Dragonwake didn't seem much going on, or rather, I showed up too late to see much going on but the group decided to head for Kadrin Valley since it was unlocked and had tasty looking blue on the map. When we got there scouts reported that Order had just flipped the last BO and was heading for the southern keep so off we went. 

At this point, there are thirteen of us. We set up our seige weapons on the first wall, set the fire under the oil and were waiting when Order arrived.   Remember now, there were thirteen of us. Taking a headcount as they arrived I counted at least 18, most likely a few more. The battle over the door was pretty fun. Against the norm they actually brought their own ballistas and managed to destroy the ones we'd set up against them promptly. There was an awesome five minutes of fighting over the oil as two or three bright wizards nuke it to pieces and four of us constantly repaired it and lobbed it at their heads. Conversation on our side was to the tune of "Do we have enough to hold them off?" "They seem pretty organized" etc.  

First door goes down and we all fall back to the keep. At this point we start putting out calls to the rest of the zone to come help but Order has such a lockdown on the postern door that no one can get in and the handful that went out to try to chase them away ended up dead in seconds. As it becomes clear that the door is going to be falling soon I left my post at the top of the keep, taking another quick head count of the front and back door before falling back to the keep lord room.  

The count by my eye almost exactly even. We had 18 people, Order had 19-20 people. Chances are that in fact they had a few more since I can clearly see how many people destro has but it's hard to count two doors as people are running about. Conversation on our side continues along the lines of "Can we do this?" We quickly organize a tactic. We have two chosen and a black orc as well as several sorcerers. The plan is simple but beautiful, the tanks block the top of the ramp with their big beefy tankness, the sorceres nuke like maniacs and hope that a BW doesn't get them in sight and the healers keep them alive. (What was I doing you ask? Oh, I'm a MDPS. I sit on my thumbs.)  

Order breaks through the door and rushes in! Tense moment! Conversation on our side is reassurance "Be patient, just stay still. They'll rush us any moment, be ready." So we follow orders and wait... and wait a bit more. It becomes clear that Order is waiting on -us- to get impatient and come down to them. They finally send up a scout who throws himself at the tanks, blows up and promptly gets raised. Alright! Scout means action soon. Then something funny happens. 


  That's right folks, after roughly an hour and a half of back and forth skin of your teeth battle over the doors, on equal or greater footing with destruction, Order finds themselves unwilling to gather their courage, come up with a tactic and come for what they came for. They all freaking left without setting foot on the ramp. When we finally got that they were chickening out we ran down the ramp to find one lone Iron Breaker standing his ground and ready to take us on. Poor guy, he must have hated his team mates but I'd like to shake his hand.   

After this display of what tactical defense looks like we fully expected to see Order at their keep to the north when we left to claim it. Did we? Of course not, not an ever loving soul was there. One of our members stated "Pfft, if they're going to be this lame I'm going to bed." And so I logged out with 8/15. (After taking all of Praag without seeing a soul.)

The good news is that I got two pieces of Annihilator's, head and shoulders. The bad news is that I lost a bit of faith in humanity. 


Anonymous said...

Congo Rats to you. I need to get off my butt and do some leveling myself.

Ainilome said...

Thanks! I'm gleefully (ok, only sometimes.) working on DoK now. I'm a glutton for punishment I think.

Gorefang said...

My screenshots also look choppy sometimes.. fyi

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the ding. Oh, what I would give for 9, even 5 free days of gaming.

On the jaggies, did you turn on AA and AF on your video card? The WAR User Settings are painfully lacking in the options department.