Nov 24, 2008

For the Record

I'd just like to say, in an effort to counter balance Syp's isistance that the WAR bloggers are all negative:

I love WAR.  Do I think that it has issues? Of course it does, it's a two month old game. I usually don't play MMOs at launch for that very reason but the boyfriend was threatening me with WoW torture. (That's sort of like water torture except more painful and more repetative. Plus more idiots jumping around everywhere.) I am level headed and experienced in MMOs enough to know that it will get better. I trust Mythic, just based on the amount of fixes and content added already, to continue to make things better. They're not Destination Games after all. So! For the record, Ainilome/Sevren is a happy WAR camper and not likely to be going anywhere anytime soon.

Sevren is now 38. The rate at which I've leveled has seriously blown my mind, I have put in a stupid amount of playtime in the past month. The sort of playtime that I'd be ashamed to tell my mother. But I'm nearly there and still loving the hell out of witch elf. I've done it mostly on PvE because ... brace yourselves now..

I like PvE. I know! /gasp. Dark Elf lands at least have some really awesome and fun quests, some interesting storyline and great things to roleplay through. My only complaint is that even mixed with a scenerio every now and then there isn't enough content in DE lands to get me to 40. Every level since 31ish I've had to go somewhere else to finish half a level and unlock the quests at the next camp. I'd like either more quests or just a raise in XP given, or reduction in XP required. But it's minor in the end, I just put on my RP blinders and grind off quests in Greenskin lands out of character. Not nearly as fun as staying in my home zone though. 

My other complaint is one common to witch elves. Our itemization really, really, really sucks. And is quite buggy. Twice now in Bastian Stair I've won a purple bag with an awesome helm. Problem is, the "helm" is actually Chosen shoulders and hovers big WoW style shoulderpads four feet off my shoulders. Awsome! Only not. And the final influence reward from Bastian Stair? The shoes are actually gloves and the gloves are actually shoes and BOTH of them have Willpower as a main stat with not a drop of strength. Honestly, the poor guys at Mythic must have been pulling eighteen hour shifts near launch to manage goofs like that. 

Yesterday saw a day of questing for the the proc weapons and I am now the happy owner of Nightfall and Frenzy, smexy things that they are. I would hug them if they weren't so sharp. Varian got his proc weapons as well, going with Midnight and Cenbur.

Except Cenbur is a chalice that's actually a sword, or a sword that look like a chalice. 

Honestly now Mythic. 

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