Nov 25, 2008

Open RvR Update Repost

A straight copy paste because it was lost off the front page of the herald already and is too awesome not to point out:


   Over the last few months I’ve spoken about our continued focus on improving our open RvR systems.  While we have taken some major steps in the last month, we believe that there is much more we can do to encourage people to take part in oRvR throughout the entire evolution of their character(s).  Over the next few months we have some very exciting changes and additions taking place.  Please note that as always, this does not represent everything that either we are doing or thinking about doing, just what we, as of now, plan on adding to WAR. 

   We have a number of major initiatives planned for oRvR in WAR.  Please keep in mind that these changes/systems apply to oRvR only and not to scenarios.  This is not all we are working on but these do reflect the majority of oRvR additions that we are currently working on/planning for the next few months.

   First, we have created an RvR Influence system.  This system is designed to reward our oRvR players with lots of new stuff that you can only get through oRvR.  This will be a complimentary system to our PQ Influence system.  This system is already implemented in 1.1 and is scheduled to go LIVE along with that version in December.   

   Second, we want to improve the visibility that players have into oRvR and make it easier for players to get involved in the action quickly and easily.   We have a number of wide-ranging changes going into our map and travel systems to allow players to better understand the state of oRvR in our game and also allow them to get to the action faster.  We have already taken one step with putting a Rally Master in each Warcamp but we will also add the ability for people to have a second bind point to make it even easier for players to move around the maps.  We will also make it easily for players to see where players from their Realm are engaging in oRvR, a Campaign HUD for all tiers and other improvements We will also improve Tier-wide messaging about what is going on in Battlefield Objectives and Keeps.  Other additions include changes to the UI, in-game manual improvements, map enhancements, and a few other changes.

   Third, we want to provide greater incentives to players to participate in oRvR.  In order to accomplish this we will be adding additional layers to the questing system of oRvR including the addition of Keep Quests, “Daily Event Quests”, Chained RvR Missions, improve the initial Tome Unlocks and other oRvR-oriented Events.  We will also improve our BO itemization.  Our goal is to provide players with even more incentive for participating in oRvR than we have already. 

   Fourth, we want to encourage guilds to take and control keeps, and we will continue our work on adding better rewards for Guilds who own Keeps as well as the addition of a system of Keep upgrades. This system will be added to the game in several stages beginning in the late winter.

   Finally, we will begin work on a global oRvR “Fame” system that will be tied directly to the Tome of Knowledge which will provide more rewards, titles, experience, etc. for participating and being successful in oRvR.    This system will provide even more incentives for people to participate in oRvR than the current systems and one that fits nicely both with the ToK’s concept as “This is your life” as well as an additional advancement and reward system.

   Please keep in mind that these additions are subject to change and given the nature of these changes/improvements, they will not go LIVE until we have thoroughly tested them.  However, these are crucial improvements to WAR and are being treated as such by the team.

    Finally, I want to close this out with a brief explanation about the role that we believe that oRvR should play in WAR.  It’s really as simple as this, oRvR should be a major focus for leveling, item gain, etc. in WAR.  Some of the systems are already in place and in Tier 4, oRvR is alive and well.  On other Tiers, however, oRvR is not being engaged in as often as we had hoped when we launched WAR.  Our goal is to ensure that oRvR is the place where players can level the fastest, get the best items and overall, have a great time while doing it.  It is supposed to be riskier, more challenging but ultimately, more rewarding than any other place within WAR.  What is outlined in this letter are some of the ways we plan on making this happen over the next few months and beyond. 

    As always, we thank you for your patronage and support.  We won’t let you down.

Mark Jacobs
VP/GM Mythic Entertainment"

All I can says is: Freck yeah. And also, I serious need more ram and a new video card before all this stuff makes me want to do ORvR 70% more than I do currently.


nazgum said...

hehe, that does suck..

but if they only had 18, and you had almost the same numbers of them, there is not even a remote chance of them taking you guys + the keep lord + the champion mobs..

A decent group of 6 can easily hold off or foil a keep siege by a full warband if that warband isn't organized..

perhaps the order were trying to recruit more to come, and when that failed they opted not to suicide to you. but still, I agree it sucks =)

Lob said...

I was at that fight on the order side. I thought to myself "oh cool I read her blog I must kill her." It was certainly a good fight until we breached the inner keep door and all but two of our WB crashed to desktop and trying to reorganize hit a wall as a good chunk of our players called it a night. I wished that has not happened it was frustrating and we were all having a blast. It was easily the most fun keep seige I had participated in to date.

Ainilome said...

Ah, CTDs. At least it didn't wait to happen until the enemy was overpowered and the keep lord had 10% health like happens so often to me. Or even more frustrating, crashing just as the loot box drops as the rolls are happening -.-

It was a lot of fun, our WB was more organized than usual and you all would have whomped us if it'd been an average WB ... and the CTD gods had been on your side.

Here's to attempting to kill me another day :P