Nov 8, 2008

Treadmill (Plus RP rambles)

I'm starting to feel the grind.

Sevren just hit 30, heck of a lot of levels in a week or two, for me at least. Varian (the boyfriend) plans on being 34 or so by the time we go back to school on Thursday but I think I'm going to die if we push for that. I understand the push, we're in a game we love, both playing classes with love and we're not the lowest level players in our guild. All of those things are EXTREMELY rare in the grand scheme of things. I don't have a problem putting the time in to level, it's just...

The grind. 

Yes yes, it's not -that- bad. I realize that. You're talking to a girl who's played Final Fantasy XI for five years. I know a grind when I see one, but regardless. I played for seven hours straight today, focusing on questing chapter 13 and 14 in greenskin lands while doing scenerios and it still took me that whole time to go from 40% to 100%. And now 523,170 experience from 30-31 makes me want to sit down and sob. Quests that give between 6,000 and 10,000 (the latter being very rare) exp plus Tor Anroc giving 3000-11,000 depending makes that five.hundred.thousand. experience points look gigantic. 

I concider myself a hardcore player in a lot of ways. Gaming is my main hobby (mostly, my only one). I live with my boyfriend who's just as big a gamer as I am. We're both full time students with plenty of free time and have no problem spending a whole day hanging out at our PCs smashing Order in the face together.  If I look at the required exp from 28ish to 40 and reel I can't imagine what a more casual player feels. 

I'm sure it only feels like a ton because I'm actually pushing for max level, something I don't usually do. I should take more breaks to roleplay with someone other than Varian (or just at all, grind grind grind the last few days). My guild obviously has a whole ton of storyline and interactions going on but being new and also being driven to level, I've not managed to even hear about them much less take part in them. Sevren's goals need a bit more hashing out I think. She's very selfish and very uninterested in pretty much anyone else. Her priorities are Khaine and the standing of the temple and helping Varian with the goals he holds centered around his own house. Re-reading that I see what my problem with her is. She's a servant type of character, a follower and her leader just wants to get to 40 tomorrow!  *flails* 

I also need to figure out how to get them involved in my personal RP. Crap on a stick, Varian -ran Sevren through and threatened to slit her throat- in a blind rage a few days ago and somehow I managed to communicate none of it to our guild.  (caused by Sevren making up the wrong story and claiming to have slept with his biggest enemy. Druchii wise, she asked for it.) It was such an awesome bit of unplanned RP as well. It certainly advanced and changed their relationship, but not a soul heard of it and probably never will. Sometimes, the hardest part of roleplaying isn't being in character or making up storyline, it's getting others involved... or getting yourself involved, depending on standing.


Risset said...

Are you sure you're doing the right chapters? They seem a bit low for the level you are. I'm currently at chapter 15 with my 29 and you're already 30. I think you might find that Chapter 16 is more to your liking. I always check the influence rewards. If it's my level, or my prefered one up then I know I'm in the right place.

I think I'm moving from Greenskin to Chaos now. I was in the Chaos Wastes on my way to Praag yesterday and I loved the zone.

Too bad we're not on the same server. I could get into some good RP.

Ainilome said...

I'd already done chapter 16 in dark elf lands, and went back to do older ones in the others. Now at 31 I'm done with chapter 16 in all three lands and still had to grind scenerios for the last few bubbles because most chapter 17 quests weren't available at 30. I think I was just suppose to do more RvR in t3. But god I hate Tor Anroc, and for a long while Destro on PT did nothing but lose. I'm sure Order over here leveled like maniacs :P

And I wish you were too ^^ I don't think my guild has a single magus. My sorceress has never known the fun of Rift + AoE :P