Nov 1, 2008

They exist!

Ah HA! Look! Elf men do in fact possess legs and I bring visual proof!

See it? Right there ... peeking out of the skirt. Mythic's concept artists are even getting sick of all the damn skirts. 

Joking aside, my biggest fear for Black Gaurd is that they'll suffer from the same thing Swordmaster does since their armor is extrememly simular. All Swordmaster's look alike. Skirt + cone head helm = Random Swordmaster. I'm fairly resigned to being stuck with more men in skirts. But I'm afraid they're all going to look the same at level 5 as they do at 40. Mythic kicks such butt at Dark Elf female armor as is proven by my collection of "robes" and "armor" for my girls. Why do the men have to be so blah?  /le sigh. 

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Anonymous said...

WAR is trying to reach a new niche market, crossdressers.