Jan 5, 2009

I'm starting to feel the itch.

What itch?

The "I need a new MMO" itch. I'm not sure what it is about me, it could very well be a mental defect, but it is exceedingly rare for me to be able to stick with an MMO for longer than a handful of months. All in all, WAR is doing pretty well. I've been playing since about two weeks after launch, so it's been a few months. But I'm starting to get restless. I'm unsure if this has to do specifically with the game I'm playing or that I just really love trying new games. In this case since the itch I'm getting is to return to games I've played previously (namely, EQ2 and/or Vangaurd) I'm thinking it must be something to do with WAR itself.

Simply put, I don't like T4. I'm not really much of an RvRer, I was in fact pretty much anti-PvP before coming to WAR. I've had a lot of fun with it though, so it's not just a general "I don't like RvR" thing. It's several things. At the moment, I hate my server. A month or two ago Avelorn was merged with Phoenix Throne and what had in my opinion been a pretty darn balanced server is now Order heavy. T4 is and has been swarming with Order constantly, I hate to use the term "zerg" but that's what it feels like. Destruction is for the most part getting steamed rolled everywhere I turn. I honestly feel that my sever is now TOO full. Maybe I just don't find the fun in 200 vs 200 battles ... I don't know. I had a lot more fun when it was 20 or 40 on either side.

This has lead to a serious downward spiral in my sides moral over the past few weeks. We are terribly, terribly defeatist. And even when I try not to be defeatist when everyone around you is being so it's very hard to keep your spirits up. It doesn't help that, honest to god, I have not won one.single.scenerio is nearly two weeks. That's in T4 with my witch elf and T3 with my DoK. Not a single win, flattened to a pancake every damn time. It gets old... very old.

I'm not saying I wish to win every time. But that fact that I lose every time means that somewhere on Order there's someone getting the luck of the draw and WINNING every time. Three or four loses in a row I can deal with, it happens. Seven... eight... a dozen. I just give up and log off, because at that point the game is actually making me sad and upset. And it's suppose to be fun. Scenerios with four rune priests and two arcmages vs our side with one zealot and a DoK are the norm. There is no way to win like that. Throw in the insanity of Engineer disables and knockdowns and it's a recipe for pulling out my hair... or logging out. (Yes Syp. I freaking hate Engineers. Twelve seconds of CC and I'm dead before I can even hurt them.)

Add in the fact that it's a game completely devoid of any sort of open roleplay, or interguild roleplay, I can't even freaking sit or walk and the crafting is terrible and I just can't figure out why I'm logging in anymore. It's terribly sad. I want to like the game, I want to feel the drive to log in. But unless you're RvRing, aside from chasing tome unlocks there isn't anything to do. Once Menkara hit tier 4 I just saw never ending Serpant's Passage runs, being camped at my spawn point, fetched my WL and destroy in seconds flat over and over and ....this after never ending Tor Anroc runs with dwarves eeeeverywhere throwing me about like a soccer ball. It just isn't fun.

I want to like the game. And I continue to log in for a few hours everyday just to putz around and RP. My boyfriend will freaking kill me if I want to jump games yet again. But I don't know what WAR can do to get my devotion back. But I keep thinking about the depth and fun of Vangaurd's crafting, the amount of crazy fun to be had with collections, book quests, heritage quests and everything else in EQ2. When I look at WAR I only see "It's got RvR and Druchii." Vast as the ocean, as deep as a backyard swimming pool.

Maybe a win would help.


Castamere said...

I wonder if, in reading your post, I am glimpsing into my not-so-distant future. There are times where I feel similarly. Although I am certainly more RvR inclined and do enjoy the battles I think I am a victim of poor choices. I often choose a class based on the fact that no one really plays them and then I get higher and realize WHY no one plays them. It is a vicious cycle that leads to countless alts that, in turn, leads to burnout.

I'm not done with WAR, I just cracked T3 (sad but true) and doing so has revitalized me in that regard. Yet, the lack of roleplay is disconcerting among other matters. The thing that will save my interest will be the announcement of the Choppa (or whatever Orc MDPS they announce) as I love Orcs... But that would lead to another alt, and the cycle continues...

Ainilome said...

It really was t4 that marked the death knoll so to speak for me. T2 and T3 were fun (disregarding Tor Anroc, though that's gotten better since my main was in t3, with the scenerio lottery fix). When the main point of the game isn't doing it for you it's hard to find something else to keep you going, especially in such a shallow game.

Ryan said...

The problem is your playing a PVP game and PVP isn't your core "love" you don't mind it.. but its not your "love".

Coming from DAOC, Warhammer is EXACTLY what I want it to be, to each his/her own though.

I used to do the whole mmo hopping thing until i found the MMO i was looking for, WAR.

I'm on PT as well, and all i gotta say is, QQ destro? Destro from launch till about a month ago was raping Order non stop, we were always on the losing side. Then about a month ago Order got some balls, some good players, destro went to sleep and we started to dominate.

For the past month on average on PT Order has been spanking Destro for the most part.

In all honesty though, I lose as much as I win, I think you just have blinders on and your only seeing the bad experiences.

It's all about perception too, I'd say that destro has more CC and I'm knocked down much more than destro is from Order. Destro would say the opposite.

What that tells me is that they are pretty balanced and people are just giving their experiences.

Thanks for the read :)