Jan 2, 2009

Ideas to get you started

For all the new bloggers (or the old ones):

That's right folks, it's a WAR meme. Or what my writing teacher referred to as "seeds". Small questions or themes to get your creative juices going and jump start your writing.

- What's your favorite thing about WAR? Now, in what way could that favorite thing be made ever cooler?

- What's your least favorite thing about WAR? This one should be easy, everyone likes to rant.

- Write about a time when you really, truly loved your class. When you really kicked butt and thought "Hells yeah. I'm glad I rolled this."

- How's your server? Do you feel that it's balanced, or is your side on the wining/losing end of most things? Is RvR hopping? Were you recently merged to or with another server and how has that changed things?

- What made you start playing WAR? What caught your attention and made you pick this game over the eight gazillion other fantasy themed MMOs.

-Do you see yourself playing the game next month? Six months? A year? Either way, tell us why you'll stay or why you won't.

-What's your current goal in the game? Do you have any other long term goals?

-Ah, the ever present class discussions. Tell us about your class, what you like and what you don't. What works and what doesn't. Would you have picked something else back when you started if you could?

-Alright, blogger person, why are you blogging?

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