Jan 6, 2009

A plea

We interupt this regularly schedule blog for a public service announcement.

If you happen to play Destruction on Phoenix Throne, or have just been toying with the idea of rolling destro there. Please... for the love of Khaine, roll a healer. If you have a healer from T1 to T3 that you haven't played in a while... dust it off. You will be loved and adored.

This message brought you by a bakers dozen of scenerios with 3 Runepriests, 2 Arcmages vs. 1 DoK. Thank you.

I offer visual proof. This is the norm for T3 scenerios the past week or so on both my DoK and my sorceress, it has also for me been the norm in T1. As Menkara today after about three hours of scenerio runs I had two... TWO scenerios where I wasn't the only healer on destro.


Anonymous said...

They do love their heals on Order side. My suggestion KILL FASTER!!! HAHA. Yeah my next toon is going to be a healer, but looks like I have no shortage of work as a tank on my server. So I dunno.

Castamere said...

Hrm, I do have a nooblet shaman named Giggla on Phoenix Throne. Perhaps I may dust him off. I always envied the Shaman from afar on my oft lamented Archmage.

Ainilome said...

@Chosen You'll notice that even with only one healer we still managed to when that crater. We got the flag from the start and never lost it purely by throwing ourselves at and fighting right on top of it, keep it from being contested. It was very well played.

@castamere I haven't played T1 recently as much as I have T3 but from my little magus and listening my boyfriend bemoan the lack of healers when playing his sorceress alt it seems that they're just as direly needed in all teirs. And it's always good to play the other side of the fence for a while :) Puts things in perspective.