Jan 14, 2009

Sunny side

Today marks a momentous occasion.

Finally, finally, finally got to run an in character six man in Bastion Stair with my wonderful guild. It was admittedly short, we did the first PQ once and then ran into a rash of DCs and weird server lag that combined with my guild leader's short amount of playtime just lead to an all out bust. But it was the first time in the Stair for everyone there other than Calintz and I and the general sentiment seemed to be "I have so been missing a good dungeon crawl, we are so doing this again." That of course put Calintz into a state of pure glee as he's been going a little bit insane over the past two months trying to get pick up or alliance groups for dungeons runs on his 40 DoK.

On a high from getting to do something we've been looking forward to for three months we made a leveling push on Menkara (DoK) and Calintz (BG) in an effort to provide better main tanking and healing to our small all DE group tomorrow when we're suppose to try again. So we went to Praag, which is I admit, not my favorite zone. We had no in character reason to be there so we elected for a purely OOC grind fest and managed to go from 32 - 34 in about four hours. That's right folks, a level every two hours. Bow before our PvE might *pantpantpantfalloverdie*

We were joined toward the end of the night by Drakis, a magus guildmate, who seemed really exciting by the xp you can pound off in an AoE party. It was a lot of fun to level with him even OOCly because it's almost always just the two of us either because we're RPing as we go along in storyline that wouldn't invole others or because we're not RPing at all and so don't tend to invite the members of our 100% IC guild. It was a fest of spinning halberds, belching demons, floating humans and frantic party heals but we got a hefty chunk of xp together and a friend seemed to have fun.

So that brings me to one level 40 and a level 34. I feel like a certified hardcore gamer, which is laughable if you knew that it only took me five years to get a character to max level in FFXI and that was my first and last prior to WAR. Calintz and I have set the goal to grind to 35 because there's several nice pieces of gear for us there and from then on to just let xp come as it does. Getting to 40 twice while all but two members of the guild haven't gotten forty yet would be a bit ... boring as freaking crap frankly. Calintz does need to work on grinding off a ton of renown to get warded for city dungeons though which means that so do I ; ; My first forty isn't even warded yet. Getting me to grind scenarios in T4 is like pulling teeth, it hurts so damn much.

In the world of Ainilome, where roleplay fun beats the pants off of Fortress battles and zone flips, there's been a marked increase in WAR fun factor over the past week or so. Both Menkara and Calintz have managed to become involved in at least one storyline, have gotten some serious RP with someone other than each other and just generally became a lot more fun to play. I think my play time will continue to be reduced from what it was when I started, there is just not enough to do at 40 that doesn't involve being disabled, disarmed, rooted, knocked back/down/up/around until you're ready to pull out your hair. But there is enough to keep me going with hands down the best roleplay guild I've had the pleasure of being a member of in my six years of MMO gaming and probably the best group of roleplayers in twelve years of RPing. Mythic should give Arha Khaladh some cookies, because they're the reason that we're still giving them $30 a month.

Oh, which reminds me, Arha Khaladh gained Guild Rank 20 yesterday/today and we finally get to display our full heraldry. Woo for us!

It's suppose to be dragon eye, if I remember right. Our guild name roughly translates as Night of Dragons in Druhir.  But I'm pretty sure with the blood drops that it's actually Khaine's eye?I'm a bit off on my Druchii symbology.  Awesome either way. Great to no longer have that generic destro symbol on my back. 
(Again with the jagged edged in my screenshots when I have no AA issues in game :/)


Anonymous said...

You were in BS too, you stalking me LOL!

Well congo rats to your guild. I do love a good PvE run. Makes life fun.

Ainilome said...


I've done BS extensivly on Sevren when my alliance was running them for at time. The past month or so the main people who were doing the runs (who are not in my guild) stopped doing them as they're involved in the six man city dungeons nows. That's awesome, but it meant that I had no dungeon crawls! ; ;

I'm so happy my own guild is catching up and starting on it. It'll still be a while before we hit the city dungeons, but that's ok. I've got a lot of work to get warded being that my RR is oh ... level 18. -.-