Jan 1, 2009

WAR: Age of Blogging

New Years, New Years... resolution time! How about, "This year I resolve to be more creative, express my thoughts and opinions while enjoying the things that I have the most fun with." Ooo, blogging sales pitch.

January marks a new initiative by the WAR blogging community to motivate those of you who read and think "I could do this" or "Man, Syp is as full of crap as he is of beer. How should I best tell him that?" to get off their bums, make your own blog and give it a go. Those of us who are established (I chuckle at the thought that my little blog is considered established but allow me my delusions of grandeur for a moment) are going to spend the month attempting to motivate you all to start your own blogs, providing links, how tos and the much needed emotional support to anyone who starts a blog in Jaunaury. Best of all, we'll provide the All Mighty Link Back(tm) to swing those blog hits your way.

The first step is to create your own blog somewhere such as Blogger or Wordpress, write at least three posts to get yourself going and then introduce you and your new baby to the folks at BlogWarhammer in the introductory forum.

Starting a blog can be a bit daunting, especially for a first time blogger. The best advice I can give is the most simple, just keep writing. Also, don't assume because no one comments that no one is reading. Just like forums, for every one person who takes the time to post there's a handful who never do. This month will help anyone getting started in WAR blogging with the single most difficult part of blogging, making yourself known. If you write it, we will force them all to read they will come. You've got an opinion and thoughts, even if you're Order ... I suppose, so share them. Nothing keeps a game going like a vibrant, varied and vocal community.

WAR: Age of Blogging is supported by:
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Mmm... linkbacks. The bloggers candy...

I'll also be starting my own personal initiative to use this as a chance kick my butt into finishing all the half written posts I have sitting around and actually you know... post them! So darn it, get to blogging. 

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Dont said...

Sorry for contacting you here, I couldn't find another way to do so:/ Could you please update Blame the Healer's address to http://blamthehealer.blogwarhammer.net/? Thanks in advance:)