Feb 19, 2009

I have arrived... again. Can I go home now?

About time for an update I figure.

I posted on January 14th that my DoK was at level 34. It's taken me until yesterday (over a month) to get to 40. If that isn't a statement of a lackluster drive to play WAR I really don't know what is. But this might be, my tome at the time of dinging:

Yes, that's right. That is a level 40 character with 1218 RvR kills. I absolutely  despise teir 4 RvR, I hate it even more than I hated Scholo runs in vanilla WoW back in 2005.  It's a combination of many small things, most of them going by the name of knock down, knock back, stun, disable, disarm, silence and hahahaScrewYouForTryingToPlayIrolledaDwarflol. 

I think crowd control has it's place in the game, but I think it has it's place more in -other- games. In a game built around small skurmish, small group or solo PvP it is definantly fun and effective to have CC abilities. In a game where you regularly go up against 30 vs 30 or much more than that it's a terrible freaking idea to give every single one of those thirty or one-hundred people multiple crowd control abilities. If maybe the immunity timers were longer, or worked properly all the time perhaps it wouldn't be so bad. But being disabled, drooling on yourself for a solid twenty seconds while you die with zero chance to fight back or counter it is simply not fun. For another WoW annalogy it's like suddenly finding yourself up against nothing but stun-lock rogues and undead shadow priests. 

Teir 1 is FUN. I really like teir 1, teir 2 is also pretty fun. Teir 3 can be fun, depending on how many Ironbreakers are in Tor Anroc (CC yet again, this time with bonus lava!). Teir 4 is just god aweful. And I've heard people on forums and blogs expressing this same sentiment, that for some reason the lower teirs are more fun. I had chalked it up to "the game is new for you in lower teirs" but having taken two characters to 40 now and a third one about to break into teir 4 hell soon as well I can say that's not it. I still have more fun in teir 1 and 2 than I ever do in teir 4. If I could cap my sorceress at 31 I so would :/ 

There's also that even though teir 4 has a metric buttload of scenerios given the zone locking mechanic I don't really like any of them. I love Khaine's Embrace, I give a happy sqeee whenever Morkain Temple pops. I adore the heck out of Doomfist Crater. Of all the teir 4 scenerios that I've played I haven't really liked any of them, and I flat out hate Serpant's Passage. It could just be that CC thing rearing it's head here, but I'm trying to be objective in my critique of the gameplay of teir 4 scenerios. None of the frequently popping ones are very fun. 

As I said to a friend a while ago, I would be happy if they totally removed most/all crowd control abilities in the game and we instead had to rely on teamwork, skill and the awesome collision physics to keep the squishies defended. I'm sure I'm a minority in that thought. But I bet you all rolled dwarves. /StareAtSyp


Castamere said...

Glad to see you back! Not glad to see things still aren't working out for you in T4...

But hey, the Choppa and Slayer are on PTS!

Ainilome said...

Thanks! I've still been playing this whole time, just having a hard time coming up with anything other than "Ohhhhhmygod I hate Fetch!11!" and similar themes to write about.

I've got a list of non-rant topics to write about a boyfriend kicking my arse to write more so hopefully I'll get back into the swing. Glad everyone hasn't forgotten me yet :)