Oct 28, 2008

Witching Night!

I admit it, I'm a giant girl about holiday events. Honestly, holidays are probably one of my favorite parts of MMOs. I don't really know what it is but it probably centers around my well founded collector tendencies. I love limited edition things to collect. Things that you won't see till next year, or perhaps even never. I still have items on my very first MMO (FFXI) that I've kept for nearly six years and love to show off to newer players who ooo and ahh at them. This is why I should always be kept away from "free to play" mmos. Because I will so pay $5 for that stupid Valentine's Day sword if you tell me I can't only get it for a week.

Witching Night sounds really fun. Putting influence/PQs in the ORvR lakes has been suggested a few times as a way to boost action there and I really look forward to seeing how it works this time. Kudos to Mythic for finding a way to test the mechanic without actually launching it. I'm a bit annoyed at the time frames they suggest, hours between PQs, but not really for myself. School this week is pretty light so I'll have time to focus, but ugh how annoying would it be if the PQs never managed to happen during your play time? Or if you caught the tail end of one knowing that it wouldn't respawn for a long while. I guess that's what it takes to create both truely rare items and also concentrate slaughter.

But the highlight for me as I said... goodies!

While I want all of these masks the one I'm most after is the beautiful purple one. Both Sevren and Lyst would love one, Lyst especially. The masks are going to be available in several different ways but rare in all of them. I wonder if the masks will be enough to pull people to the RvR lakes or if the PQs there will hold regular loot as well. I admit I'm not in touch enough with the general PvP crowd to know if they give a flying fark about cute "useless stuff" or not. I'm counting on Phoenix Throne to be pretty hot after them though. Kudos again to Mythic for giving multiple ways to get the items, both PvP and PvE.  While I realize that WAR is an RvR game I really wouldn't be here if it was the only thing to do. What I love about WAR is the options available to gain items and advance your character. More options are always good. 

I'm less excited by these, I'm just not much of a cloak person. Even more so with the bug (or just plan bad decision I'm not sure which) that makes the "Hide cloak" option userside only. Both of my characters run around cloak-less unless in PvP. Girliness again I suppose, or perhaps just being an RPer. I care about what others see when they look at me and neither of my girls would wear cloaks unless cold. Lyst is annoyed enough by her heavy velvet skirts and Sevren refuses to hide the "asset" are armor puts on display so well. I'm curious if they can be dyed and if they can, will the pretty satin looking parts keep their texture? If so I'm a bit more interested.

I'm ten times more excited about Witching Night in WAR than I am about actual Halloween. Is that sad?

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shay4brains said...

I really want to get that purple mask as well!