Oct 29, 2008

Heavy Metal

My boyfriend is stupidly excited by the arrival of Black Gaurd and the live event leading up to it. He's going to be one of those maniacs doing every single task and being fanatical about getting the one week preview. Only one thing could make me excited about Black Gaurd. And that thing is ...


For cripes freaking sake. Who's idea was it to stick EVERY male elf in a skirt? One skirt. Two skirts MAYBE. This is just dumb. There are no male elves who get to wear pants. Perhaps if it were just dark elf men I'd be slightly annoyed, but it's the same with high elves and I'm sure they'd like to see a bit of variety too. As a elfman fangirl I don't request getting to see a completely masculine silhouette. I demand it damnit. 

... please? ; ; 

If Malus Darkblade can do it, we can do it.


Landstander said...

You know...that's a great point. I'm sick of seeing my supposedly sadistic Disciple prance around in a dress. It's a little said when the most menacing dark elf available looks the most like a cross dressing dracula.

Bring on the plate! (And I second your motion for pants.)

Ainilome said...

I'm glad to know I'm not alone. I can accept sorcerer in a robe. I can even accept DoK, as a "priest" in a robe. But good grief we're going to stick our own you in the face tank in a skirt?

Anyone who's ever worn a full length skirt can tell you they are not conducive to running about and fighting. Pants damnit!

Anonymous said...

Come on it ain't that bad. Whenever I'm on my elf alt. I just feel like singing.

"I'm so pretty, I'm so pretty"