Nov 1, 2008

Dark Elf Female Phrases

Inspired by Risset at The Inevitable City I spent a half hour or so right clicking myself and listing the different phrases that dark elf women say. I'm really amazed at how much voice work there is, as Risset noted several phrases have different versions (marked by "x2" in my list)  and I'm sure there are more versions unmarked as they're only noticeable if they're said near each other. I kept thinking that my list had to be complete and then I'd hear another. Such an untapped resource for voice emotes.

"My regards."
"It's always better to conquer."
"It's not personal, it's buisness. The buisness of war."
"Only the weak die."
"Fear will keep the weak in line."
"You have quite the reputation."
"The end of this war is the begining of another." x2
"Malekith's favor is a double edged sword."
"Leave me be."
"Well met... I suppose."
"You have a certain ... simple charm."
"Never enter a battle of wits unarmed."
"I suppose you're here to raise moral."
"You must find favor if you are to survive."
"Be on time, that way you can strike first."
"Above all else, be armed."
"I will remember you."
"Slaughter our weakling kin!"
"I've no time for fools."
"What do you seek?"
"Now what?"
"It seems the rumors about you are true."
"Rise from one ambition to another."
"I see you have illusions of adiquecy."
"Seek favor, power and the downfall of your foes."
"Never beg..."
"Ah, the exception that proves the rule."
"I suppose you're useful to someone..."
"It is always better to conquer."
"I offer you nothing but the chance to die."
"Your face offends me."
"What news?"
"Hail Malekith!"
"There are no friends, only rivals."
"How brave of you to annoy me."
"You're very bold."
"Ulthuan will be ours!"
"When this war is over ... beware."
"You remind me of our weakling cousins."
"I never met a foe my sword couldn't strike."
"If I throw a stick ... will you leave?"
"Presumptious cur!"
"They say you're easily lead, they were half wrong."
"What an interesting odor..."
"Titles do not grant honor, people give honor to titles."
"Palace politics are never related to morals."
"I didn't know the commander kept a pet."
"The strong survive."
"Why do you distrub me?"
"Promises are often a necesssity of the past."
"Go away."
"I am busy." x2
"I've heard of you."
"Peace and parley."
"Treaties are for the beaten."
"Are you trying to anger me?"
"Above all despise weakness."
"Interesting look ... I can see what you're trying to do."
"I know what they're saying about you."
"Hurt enough so vengence is impossible."
"We are here to overthrow. That is our nature."
"Treat your men generously or destroy them. It is the only way."
"Hate is gained by good works as well as ill."
"Respects to your house."
"What do you seek?"
"Excuse me?"
"You might have washed."
"The wise do once what the fools do finally."
"We don't want peace, we want victory!"
"If you wish to be obeyed, know how to command."
"You remind me of me when I was young and foolish."
"Do I know you?"
"You stink, mongral!"
"I don't want to be seen with you."
"The high elves will fall!"
"Don't! Get away!"
"I never lack a good reason to break a promise."
"Are you stupid? Leave me be."

Some of these got a good laugh out of my boyfriend and I, they're all perfectly Druchii in nature. 


Risset said...

Thank you! I was about to sit down and do this this evening when I saw your note. Now I can just link here instead! Of course this means I'm still closer to having to make a bloody stunty to record them now. I hate stunties!

Ainilome said...

They smell like beer and are way too fond of sending you flinging into lava. It is true. I bet they have funny lines though. I love it when I knock them upside the head and they yell "Bloody 'ell!" >:)

I haven't studied it closely, but from what I've noticed male dark elves have the same lines. But there at least two distinct voice actors for dark elf men. One has a heavy "snooty elf" accent and the other doesn't.